Prior to the Armenian Church in Dhaka being built in 1781, Armenians are recorded as worshipping at the Holy Rosary Church at Tejgaon located just a few miles away. Within the grounds of the original Holy Rosary Church, was a small section for Armenian burials.

The earliest surviving Armenian tombstone is that of Khojah Avietes Lazar who died in Dacca on the 7th June 1714.

Today, the original Holy Rosary Church is set behind the large modern frontage and contains the remaining well preserved and cared for Armenian tombstones.

We are enormously grateful to the Catholic Church at Tejgaon for preserving these unique and historical stones and offer our grateful thanks to them for doing so.

The Armenian Heritage Project also wishes to thank Professor Sebouh Aslanian for translating and transcribing the Armenian tombstones.

Please note: Tombstones featured on this page are not ALL Armenian, but we have placed images here to assist family history researchers with their own genealogy projects.