Our small, dedicated international team ensures the smooth running of the Armenian Church, Dhaka.

Headed up and lead by the forward-thinking, dynamic Armen Arslanian, it is his vision to develop the church into a community hub where we can help the local people on a permanent and regular footing.

His position as warden allows him to oversee all the staff, and, when the occasion calls, act as an Armenian Deacon to visiting Armenian Clergy. Armen is a proud Armenian and feels humbled and privileged to hold such a position of responsibility. The staff all look to him for guidance and leadership in their own allocated daily tasks and it is his diversity that allows the church to grow and thrive.

We are:

Armen Arslanian- Warden
Rashel Al Mamun – Deputy Warden
Julie Arslanian – Social Care and Children Development Manager
Liz Chater – Heritage, Press and Social Media Manager
Hasanat – Facilities Manager
Shankar – On Site Caretaker