Faithfully serving the Armenian Church, Dhaka since 1986.

The Armenian Heritage Project, Bangladesh is dedicated to Mr. Michael Martin, Warden of the Armenian Church, Dhaka for over 30 years, who single-handedly saved it from near certain destruction.

Without his strength, dedication, perseverance and tenacity, the Church would not be standing today.

Mr. Michael Martin

Past caretaker of the Armenian Church Dhaka, Mr. Michael Martin with His Holiness the Catholicos of all Armenians on a visit to India in 2008

On December 13, 2013, the Bishop of Australia, Haigazoun Serpadzan, bestowed upon Mr. Martin the Papal Bull issued by His Holiness, Karekin II. The Papal Bull, along with the Saint Nerses medal, symbolizes the recognition of Mr. Martin’s heroic stand protecting and preserving our precious Armenian Church in Armanitola, Dhaka – the capital of Bangladesh. This church constitutes a live legacy of what was once a striving community. It is our duty to follow in Mr. Martin’s footsteps with the same passion and preserve this unique heritage that belongs not just to the Armenians and Bangladeshis, but to humanity.

Mr. Haig Didizian from London honored Mr. Martin with the Order of Saint Nerses Medal. Other participants were Mr. Hagop Didizian from London, Mr. Pierre Hennes and Ms. Cheryl Ho from Singapore, and Mr. and Mrs. Armen and Laura Arslanian from Los Angeles, and Mr. Rashel Al Mamun from Bangladesh.

Mr. Michael Martin receiving the Papal Bull for services to the Armenian Church Dhaka. December 2013.