Armenian Priests who Served in Dhaka 1831-1957.

List of Priests at the Armenian Church Dacca

List of Priests at the Armenian Church Dacca

1831-1836 Reverend David Mackertoom
1837-1843 Reverend Hyrapiet Gregory
1843-1847 Reverend Jacob Bashkoom
1847-1852 Reverend Stephen Baragham
1852-1856 Reverend George H. Elias (was also known as Rev. Kavorke Ter. Eleazar)
1856-1861 Reverend Carapiet Abraham
1861-1865 Reverend Isahak T. Ambarch
1866-1869 Reverend Gregory N. Arratoon
1869-1873 Reverend David Nahapiet
1873-1877 Reverend Cyril T. Owen
1878-1882 Reverend Gregory Marcar
1883-1886 Reverend Basil G. Gasper
1887-1889 Reverend Mackertich Simon
1889-1894 Reverend Gasper Simon
1895-1899 Reverend Manuel J. Bashkoom
1899-1903 Reverend Pogose Gregory
1903-1907 Reverend Sarkies Gregory
1908-1912 Reverend Varthanes Minas
1912-1913 Reverend Basil G. Gasper
1914-1919 Reverend Sarkies T. Sarkies
1920-1924 Reverend Verthanes Nazareth
1925-1928 Reverend Verthanes M. Mansoor
1928-1934 Reverend Nerses S. David
1935-1935 Reverend Verthanes M. Mansoor (sick)
1937-1938 Reverend Mesrope Mirzaian
1940-1947 Reverend Bagrat S. David
1947-1952 Reverend Vahan M. Ghasakhanian
1953-1954 Reverend Manaseh Mansoorian
1956-1957 Reverend A. Edgarian

1876 – Official visit by Archbishop Ter Gregoris
1906-07 – Official visit by Archbishop Ter Sahak Ayvatian
1917 – To collect help for the Armenian refugees from Western Armenia (Turkey), the prelate, Bishop Ter Torgom Gushakian made an official visit
1922 – Second Official visit by Archbishop Ter Sahak Ayvatian
1928 – Second official visit by Bishop Mesrop Magistros Ter Movsisian
1948 – Second Official visit by Bishop Vahan Ter Kostanian*
1958 – Two visits by Bishop T. Poladian

Prior to the above mentioned names, the Armenian church in Dacca was served by Ter Stephanos Ter Harutiwn, who is buried in the church and bears the inscription of the year 1820 (left is his tombstone). There were also visits by Bishop Poghose from Etchmiadzin in 1854 and Rev Hovseph from Julfa in 1824, who are also both buried in the southern part of the church. This list was copied from a previous list, as is, by Michael Gasparian. 1958, in Dacca”


*Archbishop Vahan Kostanian was the Primate of the India-Iran Diocese from 1945 to 1952. He came to India in 1948 on the instructions of the Holy See to negotiate with newly independent state of India the outstanding remittances from the Masseh Babajan Trust that were due to the Armenians of New Nakihichevan (Doni Rostov). His translator at the Indian courts was Mr Jordan, a local Calcutta Armenian businessman. The Archbishop was not exiled neither was he evicted. In 1952 he returned to the Holy See to preside over the elections of the Catholicos of All Armenians. Bishop Vasken Baljian was elected Catholicos, taking the name Vasken I. Archbishop Vahan Kostanian stayed on in the Holy See.”

*Narrative courtesy of Jude Galstaun.