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AGBU Magazine August 2019 – Features Armenians in Asia

We are very excited about the latest Armenian General Benevolent Union’s August 2019 magazine. The issue focuses on Armenians in Asia, including our very own Church here in Dhaka on page 20 This downloadable pdf is a must for anyone with an interest in Armenians in Asia.

Page 06  –  The Asia Effect
Page 14   –  All Roads Lead Back to New Julfa
Page 19   –  Soft Diplomacy
Page 20   –  Bangladesh: Brethren of Bangladesh
Page 24   –  Hong Kong: Rise and Shine
Page 26   –  South Korea: Seoul Search
Page 30   –  India: The Kolkata Connection
Page 32   –  Singapore: A showcase in Singapore
Page 34   –  Puzzle Pieces to the Past
Page 38   –  Branching Out
Page 48   –  The Roots of Positive Self-Image

Easter Service at the Armenian Church Dhaka 2019

Easter Service 2019 was held at the Armenian Church Dhaka by a local Catholic group who regularly use our Church for services. It is very nice to see so many people worshipping in the church. Afterwards there were some light refreshments.

Dhaka Christians Welcomed at the Armenian Church

On the 10th January local Christians were welcomed in to the Armenian Church, Dhaka for a service conducted by visiting missionaries. Later, a celebration meal was served. It is good to see the church with so many people.

On the 10th January local Christians were welcomed in to the Armenian Church, Dhaka for a service conducted by visiting missionaries. Later, a celebration meal was served. It is good to see the church with so many people.

The Mr. Michael Martin Food Assistance Program – 10 January 2019

One of the initiatives undertaken by the Armenian Church in Dhaka is the ‘Mr. Michael Martin Food Assistance Program’. Today the program offered meals to 292 local Dhaka people. It also provided essential milk for 57 hungry babies.

The food assistance program initially ran on a monthly basis, but due to the local high demand for help, it has been offered on a weekly basis since the autumn of 2016.

The church is an intrinsically altruistic institution that will always strive to provide comfort and aid to its surrounding community and visitors.

US Ambassador to Bangladesh Visits the Armenian Church, Dhaka

On 5th January, the Armenian Church at Dhaka had the pleasure to receive the U.S. Ambassador to Bangladesh, Mr. Earl Miller.

Welcoming Mr. Miller to the church were church staff members Md. Hasnat and Shankar Gosh. During his time here, the Ambassador toured the compound and later signed the visitor’s book.

We are delighted that he was able to make time to visit us and look forward to seeing him again in the coming months.

Wishing all our followers a very happy Armenian Christmas.

Ambassador Miller signing the Church visitor book.

Bangladesh Armenian Heritage Project – First Meeting in London, October 2018

Bangladesh Armenian Heritage Project - Meeting London October 2018

Armen Arslanian hosting the first informal meeting of Armenian Heritage Project contributors in London.

In a brief visit to London on 18th October Armen Arslanian the Warden of the Armenian Church Bangladesh, held an informal coffee afternoon with some of the newly signed up contributors of the Bangladesh Armenian Heritage Project.

The aim of the project is to reach out to the Armenian Diaspora around the globe, particularly those who have family connections to India and Bangladesh.

The project is keen to reconstruct the history and family stories of this once vibrant Armenian community. Whilst in the UK, Armen was delighted to meet with those who could attend the gathering.  Everyone had something to show and share; photo albums with precious images, family documents, and incredible business correspondence that shared the day-to-day trials and challenges of running enterprises in Bangladesh in the late 19th century. The informal and relaxed occasion was full of personal stories, swapping anecdotes and a passion and verve that set the room alive.

Mr Arslanian said: “We started this project 9 months ago and today has been an exceptional milestone for this ambitious venture. The Board of the Bangladesh’s Armenian Church of Holy Resurrection is fully committed to bringing back to life the rich history of the once thriving community here. On behalf of the board of the church, I’d like to thank all our friends who are contributing to this project and particularly to those who attended our first meeting in London. We especially and sincerely want to thank the coordinator, without whom this project would have been unviable. Her contagious enthusiasm and resolute commitment towards the project, coupled with her family history knowledge and expertise has been invaluable.”

The Bangladesh Armenian Heritage Project is still accepting contributions, and is keen to reconstruct the history and family stories of the Armenian presence in Bangladesh. The project has already received material from contributors in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and India.  If you have something you would like included, please get in touch project@armenianchurchbangladesh.com. Or any of their social media pages Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

The Armenian Journey Begins

“Armenians settled and founded a colony at Dacca in the early part of  the 18th century when,it was one of the principal commercial centres in Bengal, but with the removal of the Viceregal quarters of Bengal from Dacca to Murshidabad, or Maxudabad, as it was then called, ended the distinction of Dacca as a city of metropolitan importance, This was in the beginning of the 18th century.” Mesrovb Seth


List of Priests at the Armenian Church Dacca

List of Priests at the Armenian Church Dacca

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